Wendell McGowan MinistriesLas Vegas, NV

It is the  heart of this ministry to connect the body of Christ and release purpose and destiny into the lives of every believer. Wendell’s passion for the Glory of God burns as he ignites coals and fans the flames of revival.  His desire is that you will experience and have a personal encounter with the Glory of God in your life! -Wendell McGowan

Revival to the NationsSweden

Our vision is to see lives touched and nations changed. Through Evangelism, Training and Mercy ministry we believe God for lives to be transformed. The Lord has extended our outreach from the U. K. to mainland Europe, America and West Africa. Our prayer is that you will be blessed by this site and catch our worldwide vision.
-Andy & Gunilla Glover

7Mnet, Johnny Enlow “The Seven Mountain Prophecy”

The coming Elijah Revolution will affect the entire world and will prepare the way of the Lord before His return. According to Scripture, Jesus will sit at God’s right hand until all of His enemies are put under His feet. The Elijah Revolution will accomplish this as God’s end-time emissaries confront seven nations “greater and mightier than we”—the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. These nations correspond to seven “mountains” of global society—Media, Government, Education, Economy, Religion, Celebration/Arts, and Family. With divine power and favor, revolutionaries will take these mountains for Christ! If you want to do your part, come now and be trained and equipped.

Joshua World Ministries, Las Vegas, NV

Joshua World Ministries is home to  Glenna Miller. Based out of Las Vegas, they travel the world demonstrating biblical truths that set those in emotional and behavioral captivity free. Their first book, Taking The Land, is a methodical journey for those who believe in Jesus to claim their God-given authority and dominion over their own lives, identity and destiny.
Glenna Miller

Richard Souther, Southern California

Composer, producer, arranger, sound designer and multi-keyboardist; Richard Souther who has built a strong reputation as a top contemporary solo instrumentalist for over twenty years. His music has been used in numerous films, TV and commercials around the world. In 1992 Richard won the GMA Praise & Worship Album of the Year along with the Twila Paris for his production of Sanctuary.
In 1994 Richard received world wide recognition for is groundbreaking album Vision: The Music Of Hildegard von Bingen, which won the Billboard Classical/Crossover album of the year award. He then followed it up with Illumination: The Music Of Hildegard von Bingen “The Fire Of The Spirit” for Sony Classical.
Richard Souther 


Global Evangelistic MissionsLoganville, GA
Jim Drown and his team take God’s saving, healing, and delivering power to the nations. Jim has partnered with Fresh Fire Ministries and traveled with them to many countries throughout the world including India, Africa, Israel, Ecuador and South America.
Jim & Kathy Drown

Solid Rock Church,  Sedona, AZ

We are a growing body of believers dedicated to help you find the abundant life that Jesus promised His followers. A practical lifestyle that Jesus Christ described as one of victory, liberty, overcoming strength and joy! Our desire is to be a servant to others through the vision God has given us.
Pastor Carl Garritson

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