We have an amazing team here at the Dunamis Apostolic Resource Center in Las Vegas.

Andrew-Amber-Walker-DunamisARCAndrew & Amber Walker
Andrew  Walker is Pastor of Dunamis Christian Fellowship, which meets on Sundays at 10am. He has a passion that flows from the Holy Spirit and often moves prophetically over people. He is a gifted preacher, worship leader, musician, and cares for people in a special way. Whether preaching, worshiping, or serving, Andrew demonstrates the tender love of Jesus.


Andrew Limas

Andrew Limas is a gifted prophetic worship leader at Dunamis Christian Fellowship.  As a musician, singer, and songwriter he operates in surrender to God creating an environment in which the Holy Spirit is going to move.  He is able to catch the Song of the Lord in a worship service, and yields himself to the the direction of the Holy Spirit.  He also leads our youth ministry which incorporates worship, teaching, and fellowship.  Join us for worship at Dunamis and you will be blessed by all that God is doing through Andrew.

Scott-Sharon-Leonhardt-DunamisARC thumb
Scott & Sharon Leonhardt

Scott Leonhardt is Dunamis’ administrator. His heart’s desire is to see people activated into the new paradigms for ministry as taught at Dunamis, as well as to help people know the Father’s love in a deep and intimate way.
As administrator, Scott can share information about non-profit corporations, ministry tax law, and how to effectively manage the business aspects of ministry as it transitions into new ways of doing ministry.
Dean & Joy Stewart

Dean and Joy Stewart oversee Dunamis schools. They were asked to start Dunamis Training Institute prophetically by Dennis and Lynnie Walker in June of 201o. As they created material from Dennis and Lynnie’s teachings, the Dunamis training schools were launched and later the Dunamis Bible School. This fulfills their ministry goal of empowering people to become all God has created them to be.
Glenna-Miller-DunamisARC thumb
Glenna Miller

Glenna Miller leads a soul restoration ministry and is director of Joshua World Ministries. She is teacher and presenter of “Taking the Land” seminars at Dunamis and abroad. She provides personal sessions for inner healing and soul restoration as follow-up to the seminar. Glenna provides training to equip leaders in this ministry. She is co-author of the book and manual, Taking the Land, a spiritual guide to the restoration of the soul.
Lucy-Barnum-DunamisARC thumb
Lucy Barnum

Lucy Barnum is involved in Dunamis bi-lingual ministry and also leads evangelistic teams for outreach onto the streets. She models listening and watching what Jesus says to say and do. Every week, people come to salvation, healing, deliverance, and baptism of the Holy Spirit. Lucy has powerful impartation of the heavenly Father’s love.
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