Dunamis is a fellowship,  equipping and training center that teaches people how to walk close to Jesus and learn to do his works, by activating the spiritual senses.

Dennis and Lynnie Walker received the vision for Dunamis in 2004 after the Lord asked them to lay down the Pastorate of their church, and open a training center, open to all. Ministry resources with teachings reproduced on CDs, DVDs, and books are distributed world-wide.

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Some of our areas of focus are:


Learn how to draw close to Jesus in intimate relationship. This comes through quieting oneself to hear His voice and see into heaven and feel His presence. All activity in Jesus, must come after a foundation of loving relationship with Him. Relax, get in a position to see heaven. Receive his heart to give from his heart.


Learn to give expression of joyful praise and worship through physical expressions of singing, dancing, clapping, raising hands, flagging, all listed in the Word of God.


Learn to give someone a message from the Lord that will build them up, set them free, and help them see their destiny in Christ. Learn to quiet yourself, tap into spontaneous flow of pictures and words, and tell the person what God is saying. Learn how to receive prophecies, testing and discerning what comes from God. “We know in part and we prophesy in part.” (1 Cor 13) “Despise not prophecy. Test all things, retain that which is good.” (1 Thes. 5: 20)

Healing the sick:

Learn to minister healing to another person. You are called to “connect” heaven and earth in order to minister healing, thereby giving evidence that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Learn to get quiet, see and hear what action or words God is instructing you to repeat on earth to release the will of heaven. Jesus said that, “The Son can do nothing of himself but what He sees the Father do; what He does the Son does just the same.” When you “catch” the initiative of heaven and faithfully reproduce it on earth, miracles are released.


Learn through the teachings given by Dennis and Lynnie, as well as many other anointed teachers. These teachers are presented live, as well as on CDs, DVDs, podcast, web archives, and books.

Spoils of War:

These are brief verbal testimonies of how God has used you to reach out to people on the street. You tell how God used you to get someone saved, healed, delivered, filled with the Holy Spirit, or how you gave them an accurate word from God, or any other supernatural story. “Spoils of war” is a phrase referring to the goods brought back from war to share with everyone, in the Bible days. This is a sure-fire way to kindle a new passion for doing the works of Jesus in all those who listen.


Learn to take the love of Jesus to the streets. Take the supernatural works of Jesus to the world in a very natural way, every day. Receive God’s love, then give God’s love.

Dunamis Fellowship:

Dunamis Fellowship is a fellowship with an organic expression of the body of Christ. It is not church in the religious organizational sense of the word.  Some churches have many assumptions, regulations and customs that we do not have. People are the true church, not buildings and not organizational structures with bylaws and boards (these are just human tools in order to relate to civil governments). You cannot just go to church, you simply must be the church. Actually the very word “church” is a mis-translation of the Greek word “ecclesia”. “Church” actually comes from a totally different Greek word from which we derive the word hierarchy. The word “ecclesia” should accurately be  translated “gathering”, “community”,  or “called out ones”. We desire to activate everyone, and not train them to just sit in a chair while the “experts” do all the work. We believe and teach that all are called to do the works of Jesus.

Dunamis Training Institute:

You can receive more formal, intensive training at our Institute. Receive not only teaching but hands-on training in healing the sick, prophecy, and all other aspects of real ministry (the ministry of the Lord Jesus as conveyed through the life of the believer.) Click the link for more info.  DTI.

Dunamis Bible School:

Dunamis Bible School (DBS), is an auxiliary ministry of Dunamis Apostolic Resource Center and Christian Life Community which exists to fulfill the Dunamis mandate of seeing revival in our day by sowing seeds of revival, nurturing, reaping and sending minsters into the harvest fields as swiftly as possible.

DBS will operate side by side with Dunamis Training Institute (DTI) which has as it’s mandate the release of revival to the nations. Dunamis Bible School’s vision is to harvest the fruit of revival, and provide an accelerated program to bring vocational excellence into the life of ministers. Click the link for more info: DBS

Dunamis Apostolic Resource Center (ARC):

“Dunamis” means “power” in the Greek. “And you shall receive “Dunamis” power when the Holy Spirit has come on you…and you will be my witnesses..” Acts 1:8.
Apostolic Resource Center (ARC) means that Dunamis is a place that produces both materials and people as resources to plant seeds of revival around the world.

Dennis and Lynnie have an apostolic (overseeing) call on their lives to be the directors of Dunamis. Apostles oversee churches and ministries around the world, are pastors to pastors, move in miracles, and have a father’s heart to raise up others to be even better than themselves.
Dunamis’ heart is to continually train and release people to do the works of Jesus. To teach people to receive God’s heart, love, and power and take it to the world.

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